Dear xxx,
First of all, welcome to our family, it’s a pleasure to have you with us. We believe in the power of listening and sharing and have built our walls based on this motto. As the newest member of our family, we cannot wait to meet you and listen to your story. Upon your arrival we would love to give you a short Orientation about Kolektif House.
Our Virtual Office Membership allows you to legally show Kolektif House as your business establishment, have your cargo received on your behalf, use Kolektif House as a Nomad Member at any of our locations three times a month and use the meeting room attached to your specific location for 3 hours a month. If you find yourself interested in our other Membership models please don’t hesitate to ask, we would love to tell you more about them!
The profile you have created on our membership system KoPlanet allows you to
follow our events and provides documents that will walk you through our general terms of use. We also send out an e-mail every Friday with our weekly events calendar and important announcements and you can find our KoPerks list, special discounts with selected brands available only to Kolektif House members.

Within your first week at Kolektif House, we will send you an invitation to join ‘Slack’, an application where KoMembers can communicate instantly with each other and the Kolektif team.
A vibrant and happy office life awaits you!

Best regards,